Water Damage Repair

Our company has been the leader in restoration and repair industry for water damage repair. Our professionals are fast and quick to move in whatever situation or water damage your property is in. We are available round the clock for 24 hours and in emergency responses. We are always ready to restore, clean and repair any damage your water leaking and water problem may cause.

We pride our company.

  • Highly trained and skilled water repair and restoration specialists
  • 24 hour emergency service readily available
  • Fast and quick to respond
  • Trusted company brand for water damage repair and restoration
  • Highly advanced techniques to solve water damage problems
  • High end equipment’s

We are always go for help in any residential or commercial problem needs.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration Process

Every water damage situation vary depending on its source of the water, reason of damage and condition upon inspection. This variation requires unique solutions but the general process stays the same. Our company undergo strict process that is time efficient and proven effective by our loyal customers for many years. Below are the steps of our water damage repair and restoration process both for normal water damage and emergency situation.


Contact us

Our service of course starts with your initiative for a phone call. This means a lot for us. When you contact our company that means that you trusted our brand and believes in our capability to address your problem. Our customer care service is available round the clock and is fully staffed to make sure that any calls will be responded. For emergency situations, our customer service is ready to dispatch our water damage workers to be onsite for any immediate action needed.

Free assessment

For most cases, after a phone call and agreeing for a deal with our customer care service, we conduct a free assessment on sites one day or two days after the call. This assessment involves a thorough evaluation of the damaged property that enables us to identify the type of water and stop the water source. Right after we survey the extent of the water damage to be followed after by a detailed written estimate of countermeasures.


After diagnosing your problem, our team will then fix the problem. This step removes the majority of water available in your home or property. First we conduct and organized move out of your belongings to avoid further damage. This can help our water damage workers maneuver inside the home or property. We then after inspect carpets and floors if the damage have reached the area surface. We extract the standing water using pumps and vacuums, then dry surfaces with a dehumidifier and air movers. We understand that our work is time sensitive. That is why our professionals work with powerful pumps and truck mounted vacuums to quickly remove water from your property. This way we can help reduce the drying time and help prevent molds and secondary damages to infiltrate.


After removing the water from your property and securing that every nook and cranny is safe from moisture, we then conduct the drying and dehumidification process. Surfaces may look dry at glance, but they are still wet to touch. These building surfaces are good retainers of moisture. The retained water may cause these materials to warp, swell or break down. Our high end machines will manipulate temperature to remove the remaining moisture and suck up all water existence. Our specialized air movers and dehumidifiers carefully remove retained water especially on hard to reach and difficult to access moisture surfaces.


After ensuring that all surfaces are dried up and free of water moisture, we then decontaminate and deodorize the affected area using antimicrobial treatments, ozone machines, fogging equipment’s and air scrubbers. We believe that water presence are highly attached to enzymes and bad microorganisms. This process ensures that the affected surfaces are not only dry but also free of bacteria that may cause further damage to the water damaged surface. Besides cleaning the surface and structure, we also include cleaning your belongings such as furniture’s, clothing, upholstery and other restorable items that was damaged.

Repair and restoration

This final step is important to ensure the quality service our customers deserve. Our water damage technicians and mechanics will rebuild the affected area restoring your home pre-water damage situation. If customers would wish to change the structure to avoid the same water problem in the future, we also accept remodeling. Repair and restoration includes minor repairs, replacing drywalls, replacing carpets and repair of roof tarps.

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