Fire Damage Restoration Services

For any natural, manmade or accidental disasters, no one can be prepared for one. The victims that are caught up in the situation would be traumatized and will be always remembered of the frightening experiences.

The experience itself is hard to take in, that is why our company will help you while recovering. Our services in fire damage restoration can help homeowners rebuild their pre-fire property situation, reduce damage and mitigate loss. We believe that after the flames have been extinguished, damages from the fire would come more visible. There may be prized possessions and property structures got left behind and can still be recovered.

Our fire damage workers are quick and fast to respond in any emergency needs. For an effective response, we quickly stabilize the surrounding facility and ensure that materials and items within the saved premises can be recovered as much as property possible.

But what are the effects of fire damage?

Fire damage can cause significant structural damage from exterior to interior parts of the property. From the roofing to the walls fire damage effects are visible. The smoke damage that is often released during fires accelerates the deterioration and can also severely weaken structures and corrosion of building components.

As much as the interior damage, the same adverse effects can be seen in the interior, cosmetic damage. Smoke soot’s can cause discoloration and stain into walls, ceilings, floors, carpet’s including wooden furniture’s such as cabinets, drawers and storage. If not taken care of immediately, smoke soot’s may penetrate through metals and iron too, leaving nothing in your property undamaged.

Macro items can be severely affected and damaged by fire and small belongings are no exception to that. Both fire, smoke soot and water can damage personal possessions like clothes, books, documents and memoirs. Even your electronic units you worked hard for to buy are targets for fire damage such as televisions, desktop, musical instruments and the list can go on.

Restoration process.

We want to make your situation better by reducing the cost and extent of fire damage. Our fire damage workers can salvage as much as property items are concerned. Our professional workers are knowledgeable on checking the appliances and structures of a fire damaged area and can diagnose the best possible ways to do whether to restore or decline items.

Our fire damage restoration process includes mitigating damage, damage cleanup, providing smoke clean up, water restoration and salvaging of items in the quickest possible way. But before everything else, we conduct evaluation on the contents and structure inside the property and this goes as follows:

Assessing the damage and checking on items inside the perimeter of the property can help us on identifying the items that can be restored and saved while properly disposing the ones that cannot be used which presence are dangerous. Alongside with this, we provide free on-site estimate for all fire damage repairs and restoration proceedings that can be done.
To ensure that the area is keeping out from any interested robbers or unwanted pests, we tarp and board up your property. This way we have the control over the affected fire damaged area. Enclosing the area can limit further damages that can be caused by other unnatural phenomena.
Depending on what caused the fire, fire fighters and fire extinguishers use varied types of ways to extinguish fires. To compound problems on damage by acidic soot and smoke while putting out the fire, fire fighters use dry chemicals or water. Our fire damage workers will then dry the area that was used by dry chemicals or water to get rid of moisture that can be detrimental to the process of restoration.
In order for workers to maneuver the area smoothly and conduct the restoration without hassle. After drying out the affected property, we remove the debris and out laying parts that cannot be useful anymore.
To have a healthy working environment for our fire damage workers we neutralize and deodorize the toxic smoke odor left behind by the fire. Our company uses high end machines to fully ensure that no chemicals are left to be inhaled. We use ozone machines, air scrubbers and fogging equipment’s to suck out all harmful chemicals.
Completely restoring your property requires rebuilding or if necessary reconstruction of the affected parts. We want to give our service as a gift to our customers. Our highly skilled mechanics, technicians and fire damage workers are able to return your home into its original condition pre-fire situation.

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